Best 5 WordPress Instagram Feed Plugin

WordPress Instagram Feed Plugins are necessary for the users who wish to embed Instagram Feed to their WordPress Page.

Instagram may be an excellent source of material for displaying photographs and images from your accounts on your website. Getting that material into your website has never been easier, owing to these WordPress Instagram plugins.

This selection of free and paid WordPress plugins makes it simple to show images from your Instagram account on your website. When you install the plugin, you may pick which of your statements to import photographs from, how many things to import, and a few other parameters. The Instagram photo feeds may then be integrated into your articles and pages or displayed in your site’s sidebar or footer through a widget.

Top WordPress Instagram Feed Plugin

Several pretty unique solutions help you show Instagram images on your WordPress website, regardless of your budget. Therefore, these are some of the Best WordPress Instagram Feed Plugin:

AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro

Best WordPress Instagram Feed Plugin

AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro is jam-packed with capabilities for displaying Instagram material in a variety of ways.

AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro’s flexibility allows you to show material from this popular social network in various places on your website, including the sidebar, footer section, and blog articles. You will also have access to multiple themes that will allow you to modify how your information is displayed.

  • Supports any Instagram user’s timeline.
  • 19 Brand-New Templates
  • Layouts for standard timelines
  • Obtain your IGTV video
  • Your feed now has new slider and grid layouts.

Instagram Journal

Best WordPress Instagram Feed Plugin

Instagram Journal is a low-cost premium WordPress Instagram plugin with many more features than its free equivalents.

It includes a plethora of options to assist you in creating the ideal Instagram integration for your WordPress website. Filtering photographs include:

  • The ability to view stuff from any of your accounts.
  • Objects labeled with specific hashtags.
  • Photos you’ve liked.

As a result, if you’re searching for a means to populate your WordPress website with Instagram images from various sources, this plugin is an excellent choice.

  • The codebase has been refined and perfected.
  • Instagram Competition Mode
  • Instagram Feed Mode for Multiple Users
  • Instagram Feed Mode Location
  • Big Carousel View
  • Responsive HD Video with Photo Limit Control

Enjoy Social Feed plugin for WordPress

Best WordPress Instagram Feed Plugin

Enjoy Instagram provides a good selection of choices for how Instagram material is presented on your WordPress website.

Enjoy Instagram’s picture grid and carousel features, as well as the ability to import material from your accounts and hashtags, guarantee that you can have your social network feed integration functioning the way you want it. In addition, you may also use the sidebar widget or shortcodes to show the feeds on your site. This allows you to incorporate a content feed into your posts and pages.

  • Show the Instagram feed for your personal or business account.
  • Hashtag-based Instagram feed that displays pictures tagged with Instagram hashtags, as well as public hashtags
  • On the editor page of each post, there is a shortcode button.
  • The number of columns and rows can be changed.
  • Instagram Grid View Fade-In Effect

Spotlight Social Media Feeds

Best WordPress Instagram Feed Plugin

Spotlight is a freemium WordPress Instagram plugin, and it’s off to a strong start, with some great user feedback. As the name implies, this plugin attempts to make it as easy as possible for you to show images from your Instagram accounts on your WordPress website.

Spotlight has an interactive live preview customizer to help you get your feeds appearing exactly how you want them. This allows you to see how your Instagram photo feed will look while you work on it. Because this plugin allows you to show your Instagram material in a beautiful manner, the ability to preview your feeds while editing is quite useful.

  • There are four free templates to select from (or design your own).
  • A grid arrangement with a variety of design choices.
  • Make changes to the design, such as padding and font sizes.
  • Instagram posts may be sorted by date, popularity, or at random.
  • Increase or decrease the number of columns in the feed.
  • Change the amount of Instagram posts that are displayed in the feed.

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

Best WordPress Instagram Feed Plugin

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed is indeed a great online WordPress Instagram plugin, including over 1 million active installs and a positive user rating.

When your WordPress website is live, you may begin showing images from your Instagram accounts. The plugin allows you to create numerous feeds for usage throughout your site. In addition, each feed may display images from multiple accounts, making it an excellent method to ensure that your website presents a consistent stream of photos from various sources.

  • Photos from numerous Instagram accounts might be shown in the same or different feeds.
  • Completely responsive and mobile-ready — the layout looks fantastic on any screen size and container width.
  • Display numerous Instagram feeds on the same or separate pages of your website.
  • With the ‘Load More’ button, you can load an infinite number of Instagram images.
  • At the bottom of your stream, there is a Follow on Instagram button.

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