How to Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the World. It offers flexibility, simplicity, and a progressive working environment. There are almost thousands of Useful WordPress Plugins that help to do major tasks easily. You may wonder is it possible for a WordPress user to duplicate a page or post with a single click? So, in this article, we would be talking about the easiest way to Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post.

Reasons to Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post

If you are a blogger, you might fall into a situation where you need to copy a post or a page. There are many reasons for you to clone duplicate a WordPress Page or Post. Here we have listed some of the reasons for you to do so:

Reuse Old Articles

For example, there is a page on your website with a lot of content that can be reused. You can copy the post from the page, use ideas, and remove unwanted content. This will ultimately help you create a totally new article. This can come handy for the people who really wish to save time and money to hire an article writer.

Maintain Consistent Design

You wish to retain continuity with your design style when redesigning your website. A simple way to do that is to replicate your pages, instead of setting them up from scratch.

Edit a Live Website page

You may need to edit a page on your WordPress website live. You have two options at certain times:

  • Directly edit the live tab. This is also a dangerous approach – you could destroy your website. The live changes could confuse your audience even if you’re not breaking your site.
  • Replication of the page, replication of all required changes, and replacement of the original page by duplicate.

So, The risks of destroying things are significantly reduced if you go through our method to Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post.

Video Tutorial

If you don’t want to watch our video tutorial, then you can read the tutorial in text below.

How to Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post with a Single Click?

The most convenient way to duplicate a WordPress post is via a plugin. We use the Duplicate Post plugin for this example. Of course, you could use a lot more and we’ll explore them later.

Install the Duplicate Post Plugin

Before you begin to Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post, you need to install the required plugins which is Duplicate Post Plugin. Installing this plugin is too much easy. Here are the simple steps you need to follow:

  • You must first visit the Plugins tab
  • Click on Add New from the Page

Install Duplicate post plugin and Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post

  • Now install the Plugin.
  • Active the Plugin from the section.

Install Duplicate post plugin and Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post

Duplicate a Page or Post

Things are much easier after installing the Duplicate Post Plugin. After you finish activation, You now need to follow the step by step guide given below.

Visit the Posts >> All Posts Page. When you this you will see two options to clone or create a new draft.

Install Duplicate post plugin and Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post

Clone:  If you click on ‘clone’, this will redirect you and create a duplicate post. You need to keep in mind that this won’t open the duplicate post in your editor.

New Draft: This option will help you clone the post and also opens the cloned version in the post editor. Hence, you can begin your work right away.

So, this is it. Now you can easily clone or duplicate your pages or post on a single click. The Duplicate Post Plugin works really well. This plugin removes all the struggles while you perform the duplication of page or post.

If you want to use this method for other tasks like a website redesign, copying any landing pages, etc then this plugin is all you need to get your job done.

Customize Duplicate Post Plugin Settings

The duplicate post plugin supports posts and pages by default. 

You can also configure the plugin to accept custom postal forms, confine it to user positions, and pick the duplicates to copy.

Let’s look at these all configurations.

In order to customize the setting go to the Setting >> Duplicate Post page.

Install Duplicate post plugin and Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post

The settings page is broken down into 3 sections. In the first tab, you can pick what to copy when duplication is made.

For most websites, the default options should work. However, the things you want to copy can be reviewed and things not copied by you.

Then you have to switch to the permission tab.

Install Duplicate post plugin and Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post

The plugin allows only the administrator and editor roles to generate duplicate posts by default.

It also allows duplicate post features for blogs and posting sites.

You can see these posting styles here if you are using custom forms on your website. You can also choose whether the duplicate posting function for these types will be allowed.

Finally, pick where to screen the clone post links by clicking on the View tab. The plugin displays them by default on the post list, screen editing, and admin bar.

Install Duplicate post plugin and Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post

Don’t forget to save your settings by clicking on the save changes button.

That’s it, we hope you learn how you can now Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post easily. Feel free to drop responses and suggestions in the comment box below.

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