How Do I Add A Map to my WordPress Website

This article will be a complete guide on learning How Do I Add A Map to my WordPress Website.

An increasing number of customers are using Google to locate companies near them. If you own an actual store or sell to retailers, having a Google Map on your WordPress website is an excellent method to attract new consumers to visit your physical store.

Embedding Google Maps on your WordPress website can indeed benefit your company. For example, assume you have an office; consider how simple it would be for a visitor to find your office’s location if you included Google Maps on your website.

How Do I Add A Map to my WordPress Website

In this method, we won’t be using any plugin or coding techniques. You can follow the given steps to get started:

  • First, go to Google Maps Website.
  • Now search for address of your location.
  • When you find your location, Click on Share Button.
  • After this, copy the embed code.
  • You first need to search for the Custom Html option and paste the code there.
  • You can simply paste the embed code to your WordPress page or post.

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