How many Products can WooCommerce Handle

We get majority of the questions asking How many Products can WooCommerce Handle? This article will answer all your questions.

WooCommerce goods and services are used by a wide range of online retailers of differing product styles and amounts. Many clients frequently need to launch a store of 50-100K items and a load speed of up to 2 seconds for all pages at a low cost of hosting. So, in this article, we’ll look at How many Products can Woocommerce Handle.

WooCommerce can Handle 1 million products

There is great interest in a real-life WooCommerce 1 million products. Perform a Google quest. Surprisingly, no definitive solution exists. There are also fewer replies as to how much WooCommerce can do.

For example, the “1 million WooCommerce goods” Automattic response does not mention hardware, search, cost, or live examples.

Hard Limit for WordPress

WordPress is not a distributed CMS, and it is the hard limit of WooCommerce.

The MySQL database is a PHP code from WordPress. But MySQL is not a scalable database such as Cassandra: it cannot be distributed further to load support on many computers.

So on WooCommerce, there is a strict limit on how much RAM and Motherboard, and disk can be used on one computer. Therefore, by installing more hardware, you cannot scale WooCommerce.

Helpful Tricks

Generally, certain tricks could help you—for example, distributing RAM through several machines using Memcached or Redis. However, it is just improving caching because as soon as new requests are sent, MySQL would be serving results and having difficulty keeping up.

You may also use MySQL to cluster data. However, it can only benefit for a short while.

Assume you can install as many items as the RAM and CPUs on your computer can accommodate. Perhaps a few tens of millions.

Sum Up

There would then be no issues with the “number of products” if you focus on maximizing your website speed, database queries, and loading time. In easy words, WooCommerce can handle an infinite number of items – provided your website is not sluggish.

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