How Often Does WordPress Update

One of our readers recently questioned How Often Does WordPress Update? So, we would discuss the same and also introduce you to the new tentative calendar released by the officials of WordPress.

The importance of WordPress Update

How long does the upgrade take for WordPress? It is the second question you should be thinking of. First, we must know the importance of WordPress Update.

We have already said the updates can help to make the site function optimally. They have optimum protection and an array of fun new features. And both of these functions are also a catalyst for the worldwide success of WordPress. While some updates have only slight corrections and changes, some make a big difference (remember the update WordPress 5.0.).

If you want to retain the functions of your website, we recommend that a few days after a new update is published, you can update WordPress. It takes some time for developers to update the plugins to the latest WordPress version and to address problems with incompatibility. And it takes a great deal of time and resources to resolve the incompatibility issues.

How Often Does WordPress Update?

We can’t predict the exact dates for the WordPress Update. WordPress tends to release beta updates too that in long run is tested and improved for general use. Here is the Tentative Release Calendar for the year 2020-2021 from Francesca Marano who is a WordPress Community Manager.

Tentative Release Calendar for the year 2020-2021
  • WordPress 5.4: 2020/03/31
  • WordPress 5.5: 2020/08/11
  • WordPress 5.6: 2020/12/08
  • WordPress 5.7: 2021/03/09
  • WordPress 5.8: 2021/06/08
  • WordPress 5.9: 2021/09/14
  • WordPress 6.0: 2021/12/07

According to Francesca Marano, “Major religious holidays for multiple faiths and Federal US holidays were taken into consideration.”

We hope you are happy with our article on How Often Does WordPress Update? We suggest you have an updated WordPress with the latest PHP. If you are a beginner and have no idea about the ways to update to the latest PHP Version, do visit our dedicated article on this topic.

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