How to Add a New Category in WordPress

A reader recently asked about How to Add a New Category in WordPress.

WordPress allows you to organize your articles into groups and tags. You can also divide your categories into subcategories to further organize your information. It’s important to use categories and subcategories correctly so that your readers can find the material they’re looking for. Content categorization will also help the website rank higher in search engines.

We’ll show you how to add categories and subcategories in WordPress step by step in this post.

What are Parent and Child Categories in WordPress

Categorization is a valuable technique. They’re more than just a way to organize your data. They can also assist you in creating a meaningful and semantic site layout. This is highly beneficial to your WordPress SEO.

You may be wondering why and when you should use child categories (subcategories) on your WordPress website.

Assume you’re starting a travel blog for various locations around the world. Users may want to be able to search for articles by both country and city. You could write an article about the best waterparks in the United States, for example. It would make sense to categorize the post as “United States.”

Learn How to Add a New Category in WordPress

let’s look at method to learn How to Add a New Category in WordPress site.

  • Login to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Now, Navigate to Posts >> Categories.
  • You can now see the “Add New Category” page where you can type your title and slug.
  • After that, from the drop-down menu choose “Parent Category” If it’s a subcategory. If you leave it as none.
  • Select a favorable description that can explain the category.
How to Add a New Category in WordPress
  • Finally, click on the “Add New Category” button to save the changes.

This will hopefully help you Add a New Category in WordPress.

Sum Up

Organizing the content gives your site a more professional appearance and makes it easier to navigate. You want the most fluid and superior user experience possible for your guests. Maintaining a logical hierarchy of your posts would only help to boost this, potentially leading to a better user experience and a higher probability of visitors returning.

Anyways, we hope this detailed guide helped you to understand How to Add a New Category in WordPress. And for the visitor who asked us to write an article on How to Change Header Color in WordPress. We have a dedicated article on this.

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