How to Add About Me Widget on WordPress

Adding an About Me widget is essential for a website. However, if you are not a tech geek and wish to learn How to Add About Me Widget on WordPress, this might be the perfect article. So, without making things complicated, Let’s get straight into the article.

Learn How to Add About Me Widget on WordPress

“About Me” pages on large blogs are quite useful. To try connecting, they almost always add a brief, engaging “About Me Section” on their blog sidebar. In this section, we will guide you using easy steps for beginners.

Create a Message and Style them
  • Login to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Open a post with Cassic Editor. With Classic Editor you can freely design the message using CSS.
  • You can freely add your text as well as image.

  • Copy the HTML Code from the Text section. You can freely make the use of HTML and CSS to obtain the best design for your about page widget.
Add Description to Widget

If you forgot to add an image file, you can do that in this part too.

  • You need to navigate to Appearance >> Widget.
  • Now, Scroll down and add the text widget to Sidebar. Note: If you are using a pre-built theme you can directly add a “About Me” Widget.
  • Then, Click on Edit.
  • Here you can just paste the previously copied HTML Code.
  • Finally, Select the favorable location and Click Save Widget.

Now that you have a basic About Me section and page look at other blogs to see their methods and styles. Take some notes. Then, conduct more research on your audience.

Sum Up

That’s it, we hope you learned everything about How to Add About Me Widget on WordPress, And for the visitor who asked us to write an article on How to Activate Divi Builder in WordPress. we have a dedicated article on this.

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