How to Change Font Size in WordPress

Would you like to learn How to Change Font Size in WordPress?

Almost always, you might want to enlarge a line or paragraph or to increase the font size of the entire contents of your pages.

Throughout this article, we are going to show you how to quickly modify WordPress font size. You will learn how not only your WordPress posts change font size, but you’ll also learn how to make it on your website.

Learn How to Change Font Size in WordPress

Here are some of the easiest methods you can easily Change Font Size in WordPress:

Method 1: Use Paragraph Headings

It’s a smart way to get user attention using headings of the contents.

You can split the articles and pages into sections using multiple headings.

For SEO too, headings are perfect. Search engines assign greater weight than standard paragraph text to proper headings.

Add WordPress Block Editor Default Heading

By simply inserting the ‘Heading’ block, you can apply a heading to your articles or websites. You can search for it in the WordPress block editor or find it in the ‘Common Blocks’ folder.

How to Change Font Size in WordPress

By default, the block uses Heading 2. Sticking with Heading 2 with your subheadings generally makes sense. If you wish to change this, you can easily pick a new scale by clicking on the ‘H2’ drop-down.

How to Change Font Size in WordPress

Put it another way, in the block settings on the right-hand side of the screen, you should change this. You may also adjust the color of the heading there as well.

Add WordPress Classic Editor Heading

You should add headings with a ‘Paragraph’ drop-down if you do use the old classic WordPress editor.

Only highlight the text that you want to translate into a heading, press the drop-down ‘Paragraph’ and pick the size of the heading.

How to Change Font Size in WordPress

The sizes and colors of the various headings are regulated by the stylesheet (style.css) of your theme.

You can need to change these settings in Appearance >> Customize if you use a premium WordPress theme. It is better for readers to understand what you tell them by using the subheadings of your posts.

It also makes your SEO posts for WordPress friendly at the same time.

Method 2: Change Font Size in Block Editor

How about a bigger font if you want a paragraph or even the whole post? The default block editor for WordPress is very easy to use.

Only click on any block of the paragraph, then pick font size on the right-hand side under ‘Typography’

How to Change Font Size in WordPress

You can select Small, Normal, Medium, Large, and Huge from the dropdown. If you change mind then simply click the “Reset” button to reset the default text of your paragraph.

There’s also a ‘Custom’ option in which you can just type the pixel size you want. You can also set a large drop cap at the beginning of the paragraph if you wish.

Method 3: Change Font Using Additional CSS

Whenever you edit a post, you may wish to make it easier by permanently changing the font sizes of your theme.

The good news is that you can modify your entire website font. The best way to do this is to use the Appearance >> Customize in the theme.

There are certain WordPress themes that can be used to change the font size. This can be used without writing CSS code if you can find this option.

However, you can add custom CSS to add your own font-size rules if your theme does not feature it.

Just click in the Theme Customizer on the ‘Additional CSS’ option. This is where all your custom CSS code can be stored.

How to Change Font Size in WordPress

Then just insert your CSS code under the additional CSS text box. 2We change the font size to ’22px’, you can select a new font size for this example.

p {

The code above applies only to the text of paragraphs. What if you chose all the h2 subheadings to change their font sizes? Just modify the above code for your topic’s H2 element:

h2 {
font-size: 22px;

You can also change h2 to h3, h4, or h5 with other headings just as well.

Method 4: Changing the Font Size Using the Advanced Editor Tools

Advanced Editor Tools is a free plugin that allows you to easily choose your favorite font size. This plugin adds a conventional editor toolbar on the new Gutenberg editor in this plugin.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Install and Active Advanced Editor Tools
  • Then, you can go to the Settings page.
  • Here you will surely find two option: Classic Editor (TinyMCE) and Block Editor (Gutenberg)
  • When only a classic editor is to be used, allow Advanced Settings to replace the Block Editor with the Classic Editor.

How to Change Font Size in WordPress

  • Create a new post or modify an already published one

  • Specify the text lines you wish to modify and then pick the font size.


How to Change Font Size in WordPress

Congratulations, The plugin should be working perfectly fine.

Sum Up

WordPress provides great customization choices including a change of font size. A perfect font size makes it more appealing and relaxed to enjoy your content. These changes can be rendered amazingly easy.

That’s it, we hope you learned How to Change Font Size in WordPress easily. And for the visitor who asked us to write an article on How to Hide Featured Image in Post WordPress, we have a dedicated article on this.

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