How to Change Line Spacing in WordPress

How to Change Line Spacing in WordPress

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There are several features in the WordPress editor. If you use the visual editor or the actual text editor without added plugins, you can do a lot. However, if you don’t have extra support, line spacing and separators may be a problem.

In this article. you will easily learn How to Change Line Spacing in WordPress.

Have you ever created a WordPress article or page and had the opportunity to incorporate various forms of WordPress spacing? This is not possible in the default editor. In these particular height increments, you can only use single or double space text elements.

Reasons to Change Line Spacing in WordPress

Your posts and the page formatting, and overall style are often essential. Proper line spacing will make it easier for website visitors to locate specific items inside a post or page.

If you understand how to properly handle WordPress line spacing, you’ll be better able to differentiate paragraphs and create a more sleek and elegant article. This alone will bring in more visitors and increase the number of views on the website.

In readability and SEO structure within a post or page, concise sentences and paragraphs are a must. Specific spacing formats can be conveniently created without needing to enter CSS code into your web if you have the opportunity to incorporate line spacing variables in WordPress easily.

You’ll need to use a robust plugin or the previously described CSS style code to achieve this. However, I discovered a method that allows you to use a simple WordPress space shortcode to add many different line spacing inserts as you like.

Spacer Plugin

Spacer is a WordPress plugin that allows you to apply various line spacing options to your editor. If you like, you can even use negative spacing to encourage yourself to push material upwards.

How to Change Line Spacing in WordPress

You can build as many different line spacing options as you like with the Spacer plugin. When you trigger the plugin, it attaches a button to your editor. You go ahead and make as many line spacing choices as you can. When you’re ready to connect one, press the button and choose the one you want.

Here are some features of Spacer Plugin:

  • There’s no limit on how many spacers, dividers, or segment breaks you can make.
  • Use the live demo app to see the spacer as you create it.
  • Using the automatically loaded editor button, choose the spacer you want to add with ease.
  • WordPress Multisite is compatible.
  • The Gutenberg block editor receives a new button.

The plugin also allows for alignment and line changes. As a result, you can design your spacers, and they’ll look great on any computer.

Essentially, the plugin provides you with all you’ll need to install and use an infinite number of spacers.

How to Change Line Spacing in WordPress Using Spacer Plugin

These are the steps you need to follow in order learn How to Change Line Spacing in WordPress Using Spacer Plugin:

Install Spacer Plugin

  • Login to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Plugins >> Add New.
  • Now from the search bar, Search for “Spacer”
  • Finally click on “Install Now” and Activate the plugin.

Configure Spacer Settings

You can easily access the spacer settings by navigating Settings >> Spacer from the WordPress Dashboard.

There are five tabs in the key setup. There are some of them: Default, Add Spacers, Suggestion Box, Add-Ons, and Licenses.


The “Default” tab is the critical default configuration of the spacers used. This ensures that if you do not install any other spacers or partitions, it is the only one that can be inserted.

How to Change Line Spacing in WordPress

Go ahead and set the central spacer to suit.

The recommendation box tab lets you add the suggestions for the plugin. You can find available additional information on the add-ons page.

Add a Spacer

To add a spacer to your library, click on the “Add Spacers” button. From there, all options to generate the spacer you want are easily available.

How to Change Line Spacing in WordPress

Don’t forget to name the spacer because it can help you add the spacer in future inside pages or posts. When you’ve finished filling out the options for your new spacers, you will immediately have your library added by clicking “Save Changes” at the bottom of the tab.

This method can be repeated to add as many spacers as you want.

Add Line Spacing in WordPress Using Spacer Plugin

In general, the final move is to add a separator in the post or page you are editing. Note that all processes are the same and relatively quick.

How to Change Line Spacing in WordPress

Go to your post or page and open a new line. You can note that your editor now has a tab for adding a spacer. Whenever you want to add a spacer you have built, click on the button, and your library of the additional spacer will pop up.

Pick the spacer, and you’re done.

Sum Up

It is necessary to have the power to add various types of spacing and dividers on your WordPress blog.

To summarize, We’ve gone through easy approaches to Change Line Spacing in WordPress:

Anyways, we hope this detailed guide helped you to understand How to Change Line Spacing in WordPress. And for the visitor who asked us to write an article on How to do a 301 redirect in WordPress. We have a dedicated article on this.

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