How to Change Menu Font Size in WordPress Easy Guide

How to Change Menu Font Size in WordPress

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This article is an easy guide to learn How to Change Menu Font Size in WordPress.

WordPress Menu plays a vital in helping visitors to navigate to different websites’ locations. However, the appearance of the menu can decide the visitor’s user experience. Let’s get straight into the article.

What is a WordPress Menu?

A menu is a list of links that point to central web site locations. They are usually shown on the top of each page on a website as a horizontal link bar.

The menu offers the structure of your location and helps visitors to find what they want. This is the look of the WPMarks navigation menu:

How to Change Menu Font Size in WordPress Easily

The addition of menus and sub-menus are simple for WordPress. You can add links to the main sites, sections and articles, blog entries, and even customized links, such as your social media profile.

Your menu will depend on the exact location of your WordPress theme. Most threads have various options, allowing you to create different menus shown at multiple locations.

How to Change Menu Font Size in WordPress?

The CSS should be updated to change the look of a WordPress menu:

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard
  • Navigate to Appearance >> Customize >> Additional CSS
How to Change Menu Font Size in WordPress
  • Now paste the following code.
ul.sf-menu a{
ul.sub-menu a{
  • Click “Publish” to save the changes

The primary font size is 20 here, and the submenu font size is 10 here.

Sum Up

That’s it; we hope you learned How to Change Menu Font Size in WordPress easily. And for the visitor who asked us to write an article on How to Install Google Analytics 4.0 in WordPress, we have a dedicated article on this.

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