How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress

If you are a beginner and have no idea about What is a Landing Page in WordPress and want to learn How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress, then you are at the right place.

With a well-designed landing page, you can create various marketing campaigns, increase website traffic, and convert the majority of that visitors into customers and leads.

What is a Landing Page in WordPress?

A WordPress landing page is a page on your website that is meant to advertise and sell your products and services. It’s also the most efficient technique to boost results.

The most excellent way to increase conversion rates on a website is to use landing pages. As a result, you should include several crucial aspects when creating a landing page in WordPress.

Here are some basic elements that must be included in a WordPress Landing Page:

  • headlines that attract your attention.
  • Images that attract the eye.
  • Copy that grabs your attention.
  • On your unique landing page, use limited-time offers and countdown timers to generate a sense of urgency. Visitors are compelled to act since they don’t want to miss out.
  • Include a large Calls-to-action (CTAs) button on every page to urge visitors to take action on the information you’ve provided.

These are the bare minimums for a landing page. When putting your pages together, keep your target audience in mind.

How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress Using SeedProd

For this tutorial, we will be using SeedProd as this plugin is easy to learn and use. With this plugin, you may build any form of landing page without having to know how to code.

Install and Activate SeedProd Plugin

  • Login to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Plugins >> Add New.
  • Search for “SeedProd”
  • Install and Activate the plugin

Setup the Plugin

You’ll be redirected and asked to input your license key after activation. This information may be found on the SeedProd website under your account. We are using the SeedProd Lite version in this tutorial.

  • From the side-pannel, Click on Pages which will be under SeedProd optiion.
  • Now, Click on Create New Landing Page.

Here SeedProd provides ready-made landing pages with their premium subscription. However, we are using lite, building a landing page using free features.

  • Choose a free template marked in the photo below.
  • After you click on it, you will be asked to give a name to the page. Enter the name “Save and Start Editing Landing Page”

This will redirect you to the SeedProd page builder. A live preview of your website will appear on the right, and on the left, a toolbar will appear.

From the left column, you may add additional blocks to your page. In addition, SeedProd includes several popular landing page design components that you can easily drag and drop onto your page. You may also customize the background colours, upload photos, and modify the colours and fonts to match your brand or theme.

Connect Your Landing Pages to Third-Party Tools

Add email list sign-up forms where readers can join your newsletter or give their contact information to build an excellent landing page for lead creation.

Connecting your landing pages to email marketing platforms like Constant Contact or Mailchimp is a breeze with SeedProd.

  • First, select your email service provider from the ‘Connect’ option.

Do you wish to link to a service that isn’t listed? Don’t worry; SeedProd integrates with Zapier, a platform that connects SeedProd to over 3000 other apps.

Save and Publish Your Landing Page

  • After you are done with making the final changes to your landing page, Click on Save Button.
  • Then you will get a option to Publish button, Click on it.

We hope you have successfully created your Landing Page.

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