How to Edit Footer in WordPress

There are a variety of important activities when you configure a WordPress site, such as optimizing the header and building personalized menus. However, it is possibly just as relevant but often missed, How to Edit Footer in WordPress.

There are several options to adjust the footer in order to obtain an improved user interface and overall design efficiency. You may update the copyright text, which is a brand name of WordPress, add links, and alter type for both visual and practical reasons, including substitution. In comparison, you can use a number of approaches.

Is It Legal to Modify Footer in WordPress?

Yes, WordPress is open-source software. So, a person can freely modify the source code.

You can update the WordPress templates by default. If you change your footer to suit your company name, you are not going to violate any rules.

So you’ll want to save the WordPress page before you make any updates. This constructive move helps you to restore your website easily if you make a mistake. It is a safe idea to back up the site if you edit the footer or do a complete re-design.

How to Edit Footer in WordPress (3 Easy Methods)

In WordPress, it’s easy to change the footer. It’s easy to edit in WordPress the footer. You can either change the configuration of the theme, customize the footer widget, use a plug-in, or rewrite the footer.php code.  Now you just need to choose the right solution for you.

Method 1: Modify the Theme Settings

It’s not easy for everyone to edit the codes without the help of a developer. So, this is an easy method using the build-in settings in WordPress Theme Customizer.

Note: Not all themes are the same. This setting can therefore be found in various parts of the theme.

How to Edit Footer in WordPress

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard
  • Navigate to Appearance >> Customize
  • Find the Change Copyright Area
  • -Now, freely change the footer text
  • Save the changes by pressing ‘Publish”

Method 2: Using the Footer Widget

You can use a specific WordPress Widget to get some specific features. To find the footer widget:

  • Open the WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to Appearance >> Widgets

How to Edit Footer in WordPress

  • On the right side, You will see the footer widget section, ‘Footer’
  • Now, simply drag and drop the text widget under the ‘Footer’
  • To add your content to the Text area, press the arrow down
  • Lastly, save the changes

Method: Use a Footer Plugin

The accessibility of your site is improved with WordPress plugins. This is a simple way to make small improvements or big updates to the web. Furthermore, no expertise in coding is needed. To edit your footer with a plugin, follow the steps below.

How to Edit Footer in WordPress

  • Navigate to Tools >> Remove Footer Credit
  • Now, Enter the text or HTML in the first text area that you wish to erase. In the second text sector, add your own footer text.

How to Edit Footer in WordPress

  • Click Save

Method 4: Edit Footer.php code

In a WordPress template file, the footer is described as footer.php. By going to Appearance > Theme Editor, you can edit the file. Take the following measure.

  • Open the WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to Appearance >> Theme Editor
  • Now select the specific theme from the right-hand corner
  • Find the theme footer (footer.php) on the right-hand side under Theme Files. If you have questions, you should use Crtl+F to find them.
  • Find the codes given below:
get_template_part( 'template-parts/footer/site', 'info' );
  • Replace the code below for the PHP code, and change the particular material to ‘add text here.’ 

Note: ‘add text here’ is just an example. You just need to add the desired text in place of ‘add text here.’ 

//get_template_part( 'template-parts/footer/site', 'info' );

echoadd text here”;

  • Now update the settings using the Update File’  button


One of the main updates to the Website is the upgrading to the WordPress footer. However, it will take time depending on the number of pages you have. That’s it, we hope you learn How to Edit Footer in WordPress easily.

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