How to Hide Featured Image in Post WordPress

How to Hide Featured Image in Post WordPress

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The majority of WordPress themes in 2020 provide the possibility of incorporating a featured picture into the articles or pages. But all of the themes do not enable the featured image to be hidden.

This article will benefit you if you want to know How to Hide Featured Image in Post WordPress Easily.

Reasons to Hide Featured Image in Post WordPress

The featured image, namely post thumbnail, is a WordPress theme feature. This means the appearance of featured pictures on your website is powered by your WordPress theme.

If no feature image is specified, some users may use a theme that automatically uses the first post image as a featured image. This implies that even if you don’t set one, it will always display a featured image.

Certain users can use a plugin to set the default image feature automatically.

You can encounter a scenario where you have to cover a featured picture in several other situations.

See, How to Hide Featured Image in Post WordPress without having to write any code from a WordPress post.

Hide Featured Image in Post WordPress Using Theme Settings

Some WordPress themes have the choices for showing or removing the featured image. For the reason, I propose the Astra theme. Astra is a common theme repository of WordPress. Astra is a lightweight, SEO friendly and FREE theme.

In Astra you can find a choice for hiding a single post or page from featured photos:

  • Download and Active Astra Themes
  • Now Add New Post or Open Any Published Posts
  • Select ‘Astra’ on the right-hand side of the Screen Editor
  • In the ‘Astra Setting’ find the ‘Disable Featured Image’
  • Check the box next to ‘Disable Featured Image’

Now the Feature Image is not in the single post or website, but appears in thumbnails.

Hide Featured Image in Post WordPress Using Plugins

You can use WordPress plugins to cover the featured image if you are not involved in Astra or your active theme does not provide an alternative to hide the featured image.

Hide Featured Image Plugin

Install and activate the Hide Featured Image plugin is the first thing you need to do. It automatically works with no setup required.

Edit only the article where the featured picture is to be covered. Scroll down a little on the post edit screen and you will see the Metabox “Show / Hide Featured Image.”

You have to check the ‘Hide Featured Image’ option next to the box. You can now save and preview your post to your post with a hidden feature image.

Conditionally Display Featured Image on Singular Posts and Pages

In the WordPress Plugin repository, there is an alternate plugin available. That is Cyrill Bolliger’s ‘Conditionally Display Featured Image on Singular Posts and Pages’ The plugins do the same job and the new edition of WordPress is compatible.

The addon is easy to use and convenient. After you finish installing the Plugin form the WordPress Library, Just follow the following steps:

  • Go to Pages or Posts and click ‘Add New’
  • Find the ‘Featured Image’ section on the right side of the editor.
  • Check the ‘Display featured image in post lists only, hide on singular views’
  • Done!

Hope you are satisfied with the result.

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Sum Up

Congratulations, you have finally learned How to Hide Featured Image in Post WordPress. Moreover, some of the visitors also asked us about How to Add WordPress Pagination. Do check the dedicated article on this.

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