How to Link a PDF in WordPress

Do you wonder How to Link a PDF in WordPress?

With WordPress, you can quickly upload and import PDF files. To expand your email subscribers, you can use PDF file downloads or even sell PDF digital updates in a Member region only.

This article will be all about teaching you Reasons to Upload PDF Files in WordPress, How to share your PDF and How to Link a PDF in WordPress.

Reasons to Upload PDF Files in WordPress

PDFs are one of the popular file formats with several advantages of being posted to the WordPress website.

By transforming long instructions and tutorials into PDF files, you can reuse content. Then provide users with unique content or use it to create an email list.

Another nice thing is that you can upload pdf files to improve user involvement and reduce the bounce rate. You can quickly reduce the high bounce rate by encouraging visitors to import PDF files and execute an operation.

You can also use PDF files to provide your paying customers with exclusive products as part of your course or subscription program.

Having said that, let’s see How to Link a PDF in WordPress.

How to Link a PDF in WordPress

It’s quick to import WordPress with PDF files.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow:

  • Login to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Go to Media Menu and Click on Add New Link.
How to Link a PDF in WordPress
  • After this, Press on Select Files button.
  • Now, Choose the PDF File from your computer library which you wish to upload.
How to Link a PDF in WordPress
  • The PDF will be uploaded to your website quickly once selected.

I am confident that you have already posted hundreds of pictures to your site, and now you know that it is also easy to import PDFs.

How to share your PDF

It now has its URL on the internet for the PDF submitted. You need the URL to share your PDF on some article or link on your blog.

You’ll find the PDF in the top left when you visit your Media Library since it is your latest media item.

Click it, and you can see a preview of the PDF and the updated meta information to the right. In fact, there is one area at the bottom:

How to Link a PDF in WordPress

The URL leading to the PDF is included in this area. Then press cmd+c to copy it to the clipboard (ctrl+c for Windows).

With the use of keyboard shortcuts, you can make WordPress even more useful. You can share the PDF anywhere with the URL in your hand. You will connect it to another web page.

If you click on this page, it is directed to the PDF directly. You can easily do that if you wish users to download and not see the PDF in your browser.

Sum Up

It is effortless to add PDFs to your website once you know how to get there. This move can be taken to import and link to all of the PDFs on the WordPress site.

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