How to Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce

In this article, we will reveal some of the best ways you can learn How to Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce. Shipping is a crucial aspect of most e-commerce enterprises. The appropriate delivery options can determine whether customers complete their purchase or quit and buy elsewhere.

If you run a WooCommerce online shop, you can use several delivery solutions – right outside the box. WooCommerce shipping zones, shipping types, shipping options, and shipping grades may be configured.

What are the Important WooCommerce shipping settings

Let’s see some fundamental terminology that will enable you to fully correlate things before starting basic shipping settings.

  • Live Rates:

The delivery rates are synchronized with the carrier in real-time (FedEx, USPS, UPS, etc.). The delivery charge is based on measurements such as size, distance, and weight. The shipping costs are therefore indicated to the buyer, based on what the carrier charges.

If you want to combine choice with visibility, the live rate is a great choice. In other words, clients may pick from several delivery choices such as speed and weight. Thus, people may see the shipping prices live according to their decision.

  • Table Rates:

At table rates, the seller creates a set of rules, which compute the shipping charge. For the rules set, various parameters such as product prices, total order, size, and destinations are considered.

  • Free shipping:

The free delivery option is precisely what it says: the consumer has nothing to pay to acquire the merchandise. In WooCommerce, this is usually caused by coupons or by a minimum customer’s expense.

  • Local Pickup:

Choose the locally shipped pickup method if you want your consumers to visit your shop and have their goods purchased.

  • Shipping Zones:

A shipping zone is a geographic location, as per WooCommerce, to which you ship things. You may go to areas and zip codes specifically or keep them more generic. Customers merely need to know if their address and the associated region are available for the goods.

Note: Only one zone coincides with every customer.

All well, now you know all the necessary conditions for shipping WooCommerce. We will now explore how WooCommerce shipping may be practical and configured in your online business.

Learn How to Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce

Such shipping systems, such as Flat Rate Shipping, use shipping classes to group products of identical types and charge different prices to different categories of merchandise.

It’s easy to build varying flat-rate rates for different product categories, such as bulky goods and small products, using shipping groups and flat-rate pricing. These are the steps you need to follow in order to Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce.

Step 1: Setup Shipping Zone

WooCommerce deals with shipping through a request that you set up a shipping zone, a shipping method for this area, and specify what each form of shipping consumer charges. Additional parameters can also be defined, such as whether you want specific shipping classes or requirements for free shipment to be included.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Navigate to WooCommerce >> Settings.
  • Now, choose the Shipping tab.
How to Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce in 2021

You will find all of WooCommerce’s built-in shipping settings here.

  • Choose the Add Shipping Zone button under Shipping Zones tab.

A shipping zone is your geographical area. This enables you to connect specific ways of shipment and fees per area. For example, the price of shipping to all U.S. consumers may be less, while the cost to Canadian clients may be increased.

  • For your personal reference, choose a Zone name.
  • Also, Select a Zone Region.

We have selected Canada and United States for this example.

How to Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce in 2021
  • After you define the shipping zone, look for Add Shipping Method from the bottom of the page.
How to Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce in 2021

Default shipping methods:

  • Flat Rate
  • Free Shipping
  • Local Pickup

Choose from the three a mode of shipment. Usually, a flat rate is a decent starting point for individuals who reach a specific price range with perhaps a free delivery option.

  • To save and proceed, click the  Add Shipping Method.
How to Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce
  • Click on the Add Shipping method again to add another method.
How to Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce in 2021
  • You need to go back to this shipping methods list and Click Edit for each shipment method.
How to Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce in 2021

Woo Commerce additionally provides options for the creation of shipping charges depending on quantity and percentage.

  • Each mode of shipment has its configuration. If you click the Edit option, it asks when to enable customer free shipment.
  • Remember to Save Changes.
  • To finish the procedure, you must specify a few more parameters. Select Shipping >> Shipping Options from the drop-down menu.
How to Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce in 2021
  • Remember to Enable the shipping calculator on the cart page option.
  • Finally, click on Save changes.

Step 2: Adding a Shipping Class

First of all, make sure you install WooCommerce on your WordPress website successfully.

  • Navigate to WooCommerce >> Settings
  • Click the Shipping tab
  • After which click on Shipping class
How To Set Up WooCommerce Shipping Classes

Please enter the same class of shipping and have a slug. It will be filled for you automatically when you leave the detail full. We also recommend adding a description to facilitate understanding the class, primarily if several shipping classes are generated.

For each shipping, the class repeats the process on your store. Let us now start applying your products in this class of shipping.

Step 2: Adding Products to Shipping Classes

It’s time to introduce some products now that you’ve developed a shipping class. Go to the Shipping tab on one of your products and pick your shipping class from the drop-down list to add a shipping class to it.

How to Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce

You can easily add the product using “Shipping classes” and then click on “Add shipping classes”

Finally, you can choose you shipping class name, slug and description for your reference.

Sum Up

Congratulations, you have finally learned How to Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce. Moreover, some of the visitors also asked us about How to Set Up Flat Rate Shipping in WooCommerce. Do check the dedicated article on this.

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