How to Underline in WordPress

For the people who are still searching for the missing underline button in WordPress Post Editor, this might be the right article that will teach you How to Underline in WordPress.

In WordPress 4.7, these buttons were withdrawn from the post editor. But there is a way for them to be taken back.

Importance of Underline

The main aim of using underline is to highlight the Information in a text.

Underline is useful because it asks the reader to select critical parts, then provides a list an effective way to review the information later.

Learn How to Add Underline in WordPress

These are the easiest method that will teach you to easily add underline in WordPress.

Method 1: Using Re-add Text Underline

It would be best to install the Re-add Text Underline and Justify plugin and activate it.

Learn How to Add Underline in WordPress

After activation, you must access the Settings >> Writing tab to customize the plugin configuration.

The plugin has two choices for you to pick from. You should add text buttons to underline and define them, so they appear in the Post Editor buttons second row.

How to Underline in WordPress

Alternatively, you may choose to add buttons and rearrange them again. This would highlight and validate the location of text buttons in the same position before WordPress 4.7. Don’t forget to store your preferences to press the save changes button.

You will now visit Blogs >> Add New Tab, and the text buttons that have been applied back to the post editor will be underlined.

How to Underline in WordPress

Method 2: Using TinyMCE Advanced Plugin

This approach helps you do much more than just applying the text buttons to underline. You can add custom designs, add missing buttons, and even create your buttons.

Next, the TinyMCE Advanced plugin has to be installed and enabled.

You must visit the Settings >> TinyMCE Advanced page to customize plugin settings following activation.

How to Underline in WordPress 2021

A preview of the WordPress post editor will be noticed. This will show you all the unused buttons beneath the preview.

You must now drag and remove underline and explain text buttons to the post editor from the ‘Unused Buttons’ box.

Do remember to press the Save Changes button to save your settings. Now you can make a new article or delete an old one. You will note that TinyMCE Advanced Editor replaces the default WordPress post editor.

How to Underline in WordPress Using Code

You would have to apply specific CSS code to underline text in WordPress.

Now click on the 3 dots menu on the WordPress Editor and then click on ‘Edit as HTML.’

How to Underline in WordPress 2021

Now wrap the text with the tag, which will be underlined.

Add the text-decoration style underlined in the tag as seen below:

Video tutorial

Sum Up

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