What are the Best WordPress Table Plugin

This article will be a life saver for the user who are looking for the Best WordPress Table Plugin.

In actuality, the aim is to have an Excel-like database that enables you to import or manually type in data into your WordPress dashboard. The plugin presents the data with media elements, links and standard formats in a well-formatted table.

Not all table plugins from WordPress are made equal. We have scanned the internet for several situations, including those that we personally have used in projects. We have therefore found the top options.

Best WordPress Table Plugins

Even though all the following extensive reviews are recommended, here is a list of our favorite table plugins. Find yourself free to click and test for all of them.

1. Posts Table Pro

The Post Pro table is one of the best table plugins for WordPress and comes from Barn2Media. This table plugin is very customizable to create dynamic tables with searchable and filterable elements. It can also list your blog posts, audio, personalized fields and many more.

Posts Table Pro Best WordPress Table Plugin

Pricing begins at $89 per year and the plugin is available on one site. The business license subsequently bumps the price to $159 per annum. A $319 license is also available annually. You can add additional sites to every plan upgrade for the plugin.

Features of Posts Table Pro:

  • The Posts Table Pro plugin has complete media support, and many others on this list do not. It can even add audio files and media playlists.
  • In a clean building in the background, the tables will be quickly produced and managed.
  • A shortcode can be used to place each completed table on posts and pages.
  • In this plugin, the tables appear to be more customizable than other plugins. The plugin offers great value, ranging from color to filters and pagination to search functions.
  • Although the plugin must be paid, you get premium support for one year.

2. TablePress

Based on our own experiences and other reviews, it is obvious that TablePress is the best option for table plugins with WordPress. On the backend, even a beginner may create a table; it is easy to install, it provides the most straightforward settings to set up. After you have set up a table, you create a shortcode to place your website wherever you want.

All table data is inserted in your dashboard and edited in a table format. What kind of data you want to include doesn’t matter because TablePress supports almost anything.

Features of TablePress:

  • The plugin is free of charge. This includes the core and extensions plugin. This is pretty awesome for the best internet table plugin. We advise donations to support the developer.
  • The plugin contains a wide range of extensions, simple code snippets to extend the TablePress feature set. Some include an option to order a table row and filter a row.
  • The TablePress website also has resources for other plug-ins, admin area adjustments and other features of the TablePress JavaScript library.
  • It is just about as easy to install and implement. All the tables can add rows, columns, and data to the WordPress dashboard.

3. Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Two plugins are included in the list. The first is called the data table generator, and it’s an excellent way to build and manage striking tables on your WordPress site. You can download the free plugin. You can also upgrade for different functions. What’s excellent is that most smaller and mid-sized blogs and companies are required in the free version.

The free plugin, for instance, supports unlimited rows, fusion cells, and formatting of data. Also, your tables can calculate and sort according to what your users want. The free version comes with everything from the CSS editor to responsiveness.

Features of Data Tables Generator by Supsystic:

  • For some flexibility, the Data Table Generator plugin is available in two versions. The free option has common tools, and if you need additional features, the premium is also available.
  • It is easy to use the backend building device.
  • In order to expand on your table use, you can integrate with WooCommerce and other Supsystic plugins.
  • For creating things like pie and bar charts, visual charts are supported.
  • For the final customization experience, each version has access to the CSS editor.

4. wpDataTable

A Lite version of the primary core solution is the wpDataTable plugin. It’s a basic version for people who occasionally create tables or don’t require all the premium version’s advanced features. You import data from files such as Excel, CSV and JSON using a free plugin. Then you insert all your data in a simple and intelligent table that you will present on your website.

wpDataTable Best WordPress Table Plugin

Also, you can create your columns and rows. The Lite Plugin remains a valuable tool if you make only tables for your blog posts.

Features of wpDataTable:

  • The plugin wpDataTables offers both free and high quality plugins. The free version has some diluted features, but it works for light users. The premium is pretty cheap.
  • The Lite version makes smaller tables easy.
  • The table on the front looks the same as on the background. A confusing backend module makes it difficult for the user to do a lot of table plugins.
  • You can use a shortcode to place every table you create on your website.
  • The Premium version has reactive tables on mobile devices which are wonderful.

5. Ninja Tables

Consider Ninja Tables if you’re looking for a powerful table plugin without the high price tag. The WordPress Plugin Library provides a free version. And the number of features included with the free option is quite impressive.

Let’s start with a look at some of the most essential features. Ninja Tables is SEO-friendly, and it allows you to build a table with single-line cells and a pre-defined layout. You can make a bordered table, striped line, and even a smaller table that you can cram into your pages. Overall, the table builder on the backend is almost identical to the one you’ll see on the front end.

Features of Easy Table:

  • Ninja Tables is available in both a free and a paid edition. The free plugin has a lot of functionality, and you don’t have to think about paying a lot of money to update.
  • To make your tables stand out, you have a variety of customization options. For example, you’ll get options for changing the colors of your rows and columns.
  • A link to Google Sheets is an option.
  • Ninja Tables support media uploads. This means that you can use video and images in your tables.
  • A drag-and-drop builder is used for all table sorting. With Ninja Tables, you don’t need to know much about coding.

Sum Up

We covered the list of 5 Best WordPress Table Plugin.

To summarize, WordPress is quick to set up and customize. We’ve gone through different WordPress Table Plugin. You are free to choose any one of them.

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