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The structured view of things makes things extremely obvious and easy to read. We are used to things like school flow charts, and virtually everybody knows the timetable and how it works.

Here, we will list out some of the Best WordPress Timeline plugin and describe What timelines for WordPress Websites are.

Timelines for WordPress Websites

It is important, as a company, that your audience builds trust and confidence.One of the most effective approaches is to relate the narrative is to make clients aware of your origins and how your brand was created is an excellent approach to personalizing your business and demonstrating your beliefs.

It might be helpful if schedules are incorporated into your website. In short, timeline is a visual graph showing a map, generally in chronological order, of business milestones or content.

The objective is to enable your users to browse your material and locate content published. Another benefit is that the normally simple and dull list of postings may be supplemented with an interactive element.

What are the Best WordPress Timeline Plugin

Here we have listed Top 5 Best WordPress Timeline Plugin with their useful features:

1. WP Timeline Plugin

WP Timeline is one of the best plugins for a vertical and horizontal timeline. It is effortless and hassle-free to create schedules with WP Timeline.

With this plugin, you may build a story, history, roadmap, and several other sorts of schedules. The plugin may also show any type, class, and taxonomy of the article.

The plugin also reacts so that your website timeline appears lovely at various monitor sizes.

Best WordPress Timeline Plugin WP Timeline Plugin

Features of WP Timeline Plugin:

  • User friendly
  • Timeline horizontal and vertical
  • Layouts Responsive 45+
  • 40+ effects of animation
  • Sustain dark and light
  • Support for BC/AD date
  • Support for shortcode
  • Options for custom color
  • Timeline of Ajax Filter
  • Support for icons
  • Support for Page Constructors

The plugin costs $25, which comes with future upgrades and 6-month maintenance, for a single-site license. You may also buy an extended $205 license to use the plugin on several websites.

2. Cool Timeline

Best WordPress Timeline Plugin Cool Timeline Pro

The second on our list of Best WordPress Timeline Plugin is Cool Timeline. This plugin allows you to build a horizontal, vertical timeline with an additional blog post timeline.

There are distinct styles, including a compact layout, vertical layout, one-sided layout, horizontal design, and more, for your timeline.

Best WordPress Timeline Plugin Cool Timeline Pro

Features of Cool TImeline Pro:

  • Timeline horizontal and vertical
  • Timeline of Blog Post
  • 40+ designs for timeline
  • Support for Shortcode
  • Each story custom color option
  • Slider Support, Video, Pictures.
  • WPBakery & Elementor compatible with Gutenberg

For a one-stop license, the plugin costs $25 and includes future upgrades and six months of support. Furthermore, you also get a free version with reduced functionality.

3. Timeline Express

Our list of Best WordPress Timeline Plugin would be incomplete without listing Timeline Express. Timeline Express is undoubtedly the best timeline plugin by Code Parrots. It adds comfortability in adding a timeline to your website.

Timeline Express Best WordPress Timeline Plugin

You may use a shortcode to add your timeline anywhere on your website. The schedules made using this react such that it looks great at all screen sizes.

Features of Timeline Express:

  • Availability for 40+ Timelines Designs and Layouts
  • Advanced Setting Panel with Colors & Typography
  • Freedom to display Videos, Images & Sliders
  • You can generate Multiple Timelines
  • Smart Generator that lets you easily add Shortcode
  • Easy Support for Gutenberg, Elementor, and WP Bakery

The WordPress repository provides this plugin free of charge. For some features such as post-time type time-liners, white-labeling, and more, Timeline Express has the option for paying.

4. Everest Timeline

Another plugin on our list of Best WordPress Timeline Plugin is Everest Plugin. It offers several features which we will explain later.

The numerous style options and adaptations are provided in each form. You may use the plugin for your timeline with 50+ unique templates. In your timeline, you may add a picture, video, or music. The plugin also incorporates buttons, filters, and lightboxes in the social media timeline.

Best WordPress Timeline Plugin Everest Timeline Plugin

Features of Everest Timeline:

  • Support for five different layout
  • You get more than 15 Templates
  • Animation Effects
  • Support for Shortcode and Widget Support
  • Ability to customize color
  • Responsive features

The plugin has a single-site licensing price of $18 and is supported for future updates and six months. For this plugin, there are no different site plans.

5. Timeline for Elementor

Last on our list is Timeline For Elementor. This plugin is basically a component of the Elementor addons which adds features to your website. You may build an excellent timeline for your website using Elementor and this plugin.

You may create a timeline for posts or a timeline for content. This plugin also offers a variety of design and style choices.

Features of Timeline for Elementor:

  • User friendly
  • Responsive & Dynamic
  • Large design possibilities
  • Several sorts of timelines

This is not a specialized timeline plugin. It is an Elementor add-on plug-in that includes a time line widget. For unrestricted use of websites, the plugin costs $69.

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