What are WooCommerce Follow Up Emails Alternatives

You must be seeking free WooCommerce Follow Up Emails Alternative plugins. We’ll show you you don’t have to buy a plugin to automate your WooCommerce marketing and send tracking emails. For your WooCommerce store, we have gathered some of the best free Follow Up Emails plugins.

WooCommerce Follow Up Emails

Follow Up Emails are the emails sent based on your customer’s behavior. It encourages people to select a premium plan over a free trial, schedule a guided product tour, leave a product review, purchase another product, or return to your business after a period of inactivity. Every company will have a unique collection of emails to assist them in achieving their objectives.

Importance of Follow Up Emails

  • Refine and Filter the audience: Follow-ups can be activated if certain circumstances occur in your shop (customer buys a specific product, customer orders for the first time, the customer is inactive for an extended period). Particular procedures screen all communications to ensure that the relevant persons are reached in time.
  • Email Marketing Automation: The central aspect is that the magic happens without your input and is automatic once you have set up your follow-up flow. Prepare your follow-up campaign, and it will be distributed to all clients that fulfill the requirements automatically. Naturally, you must assess the outcomes over time and adjust the flow.
  • Conversion Increment: A satisfied client is a recurring customer in the long term. Some of the follow-ups could provide you immediate effects (i.e., emails from the cart abandoned) (i.e., winning back inactive customers). An email monitor is a terrific approach from the first day of your customer journey to contact your buyers.
  • Create Trustworthy Partnerships: Follow-ups don’t necessarily include e-mails you send once to sell. These are a sequence of letters that demonstrate consumers their appreciation and pleasure after purchasing your goods. Make sure your consumers indicate that they care for you and put them first.

Best WooCommerce Follow Up Emails Plugins

Below is a collection of WooComerce’s most common email tracking plugins. To generate, schedule, and send follow-up emails for your consumers, you can utilize suggested plugins.

1) Retainful

Retainful is a powerful WordPress plugin to help you reclaim your lost income. The significant aspect is that a free plugin is available. You can automatically schedule emails for your customers promptly.

Retainful WooCommerce WooCommerce Follow Up Emails

All cart abandonment emails are delivered with a unique recovery link. Customers can utilize this site for their orders to be returned and their transactions completed.


  • An infinite amount of emails can be sent for cart recovery
  • Follow-up emails can be sent automatically after a purchase is discontinued.
  • Each email has a unique recovery link that allows the consumer to continue where he has left off
  • Only the Plugin will stop sending emails when a shopping cart is retrieved.
  • The Plugin is free of charge accessible.

2) Follow-Ups WooCommerce

Follow-ups are a fantastic way to create emails for your customers. It can contribute to building your client base. Each buy gives upselling and forward-looking opportunities. This plugin allows you to quickly achieve these objectives.

The default post editor allows you to construct your own completely adaptable email follow-up themes. The plugin includes several free features. Any template is responsive to every device and looks superb.

The plugin also lets you in the marketing campaign integrate a range of tweets, e-mails, etc. Once you have selected the parameters, everything will automatically execute.


  • The ability to conduct a drip automation
  • Different email templates for selecting emails on specific days and occasions
  • Google Analytics and WooCommerce Subscriptions integration is completely supported
  • The WordPress Editor allows you to simply generate custom emails

3) SIP Advanced Email Rules for WooCommerce

While email settings are excellent with WooCommerce’s default, they are too simple for most online store owners.

SIP Advanced WooCommerce Email Rules links your online shop to customized email rules. You may send emails based on specific parameters like the total order amount, imposition, quantity, category of goods, weight, location, shipping, etc. The plugin automatically activates any rules you set.

SIP Advanced Email Rules fore WooCommerce Follow Up Emails

You may also create follow-up emails by using the usual post editor. Before your emails are sent, you can pick several email styles and formats. Customized shortcodes are also provided to add the name of the client, order number, store name, URL, order details, coupon codes, and more.


  • Capacity to send product reviews
  • Coupon codes can be sent to clients who buy certain items.
  • Customers who have chosen a particular delivery method can receive a follow-up email
  • You can email follow-up to clients who have selected a particular payment method
  • You may email the finest WooCommerce sending plugins to your customers with purchase tracking information
  • Send your subscribers emails for follow-up
  • You may deliver product information in several languages to your consumers

4) AutomateWoo

AutomateWoo allows you to construct workflows. There are different combinations of triggers, rules, and actions in each operational flow.

Triggers indicate the workflow circumstances. For example, when a consumer has completed an order, an action might be initiated.

You may construct complex logic for your processes only under particular situations. Rules allow you to determine more.


  • You may email consumers who have left products in their online shopping cart at predefined intervals.
  • You may provide your clients VIP service over predetermined time intervals depending on particular expenditure needs.
  • You may remind consumers of the expiry of their stored credit or debit card. This can reduce churn and decrease the number of unsubscription charges.
  • After placing your orders, you may set up e-mails for customers automatically. These e-mails might provide you with an inquiry or connected items.
  • You may send notifications to your administrators or customers by SMS using several triggers.

5) WooCommerce Custom Emails

WooCommerce Custom Emails WooCommerce Follow Up Emails

You may send emails to customers using this premium plugin made by RightPress. You may customize emails to your requirements.


  • On particular days or time, you can send emails.
  • Send or postpone emails for sending later.
  • Creating your own personalized emails.
  • Send email simultaneously to store managers, customers or both
  • The practical Email Log tracks every plug-in occurrence.
  • Create unique triggers that produce unique emails automatically
  • You may also specify terms for each device you build

Sum Up

Companies often find it difficult to send emails to their clients. It is impossible to ensure that a single email will be relevant to every consumer on your list. This is when WooCommerce Follow Up Emails Plugin come into action.

Thus, we hope this detailed guide helped you to understand What are WooCommerce Follow Up Emails Alternatives. And for the visitor who asked us to write an article on How to Remove WooCommerce Breadcrumbs. We have a dedicated article on this.

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