Where is the Publish Button in WordPress

Get all of the information you need about publishing options and resolve all your Publish Button problems on WordPress. Moreover, if you wonder Where is the Publish Button in WordPress?, You must read this article.

What is Publishing Options in WordPress

You can preview your article or page once you’ve finished writing it, save it as a draft for later, publish it on your site right now, or schedule it for later.

The following is a list of your preferences.


Where is the Publish Button on WordPress

The preview option will help you to view your post or page in a new window or tab before publishing it.


Where is the Publish Button on WordPress

Using Publish option, you can post your post or page to your website.

Save Draft

Where is the Publish Button on WordPress

In case you are not ready to publish your page or post, you can use the Save Draft button to save the changes and make necessary changes in the future.

Publish Button Not Working

It’s been documented that Jetpack will trigger issues with the publish button not working and that it frequently happens even without it. WordPress saves a draft automatically now and then, and it may get stuck. It achieves this by adding a disabled class to the publish button, stopping you from pressing it. One workaround is to inspect and identify the disabled class, which you can then delete and post.

We find a little shortcut online that you can add to your functions.php:

add_action( 'post_submitbox_misc_actions', 'fix_autosave' );

function fix_autosave() { ?>
<a href="javascript:;"
   onclick="jQuery('#submitpost input').removeClass('disabled');return false;">unlock</a>

This adds a ‘unlock’ link that will delete the class from the post box when clicked, enabling you to publish your post.

Sum Up

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