How to Change Font in WordPress

Changing the typography is an outstanding means of improving the feel and look of the WordPress website, in reality, the whole appearance. You will learn How to Change Font in WordPress in this tutorial. A few different ways we can show you how you can do this, so let’s start!

How to Change Font in WordPress Themes

You will need to pre-code via the @font-face rule if you plan to use an entirely new font. You must first select a licensed font for web usage. Then your selected font must be submitted to your server. Finally, your font family should be identified at the top of the.css type. We encourage you to use a child theme for security.

@font-face {font-family: Museo300;
src: local(‘Museo300-Regular’),
url(“fonts/Museo300-Regular.ttf”) format(‘truetype’);
font-weight: normal;}

Globally Change the Font

Many people think that it is hard to change the font in WordPress but it’s a simple task to insert a single code. Here are the simple steps one must follow:

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard
  • Locate to Appearance >> Theme Editor
  • Now, find the theme’s CSS stylesheet which is at the bottom of the page

This is the place to describe fonts. Feel free to stick this code line on the top of the stylesheet:

* {font-family:”Name of font”}

Change Theme for the Specific Areas

You will want different fonts for different areas on your website more often than not. However, it can be painful to define font areas because WordPress themes use the font in numerous ways. The fonts will literally be found anywhere they are.

For most sections, the body of the website contains a certain font. It is an overall source that is used to decide the font for fonts that are not defined by a certain name, class, or div within the website.

body {font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, Futura, sans-serif;
font-size: 1em;
margin:0; }

Post contents usually contain fonts of the following CSS classes: post, entry, and post-entry.

Change Fonts In WordPress Using Plugins

You may choose to use a plugin to change font styles if you don’t consider yourself to be especially technological or just don’t want to bother with javascript. The irony is, more users are moving to WordPress because it is not coding. There are plenty of free font tools within the plugin directory to help you achieve the desired font style.

MW Font Changer

How to Change Font in WordPress


MW Font Changer provides users with the possibility of enabling a range of fonts in Persian and Latin languages. This addon contains fonts for more than 30 languages.

Easy Google Fonts

How to Change Font in WordPress

Google has a broad variety of fonts and Easy Google Fonts include a clear and easy way to apply custom Google font to every WordPress style. This machine interfaces with the WordPress user to allow you to preview Google fonts in real-time on your web. You may change each header’s color to differentiate them. Find a family of fonts you like and play with various versions.

WP Google Fonts

How to Change Font in WordPress

Try the WP Google Fonts plugin above is not for you. The addon WP Google Font simplifies the use of a free Google service to add high-quality fonts to your website. This plugin not only adds the appropriate Google code but also helps you to allocate the fonts of Google from within your WordPress admin to unique CSS components of your website. It’s a perfect way to mix up your website without any experience or coding expertise.

Use Any Font | Custom Font Uploader

How to Change Font in WordPress

Contrary to the above, any font in the right format can be used with Use Any Font. You can simply grab and apply every font that you find on the website.

Sum Up

We hope our article on How to Change Font in WordPress was helpful. There were many comments on our last article asking for a tutorial to Add Expires Headers To Your WordPress Website. So, you may also want to check step by step guide on How to Add Expires Headers To Your WordPress Website.

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