How to Fix WooCommerce There Are No Shipping Methods Available

WooCommerce There Are No Shipping Methods Available” is one of the commonly known problem faced by the user usng WooCommerce.

One of the most important aspects of a WooCommerce store is shipping! Shipping is the process through which a product is delivered from you to the buyer. WooCommerce allows you to put up some complex and particular criteria to ensure that you’re providing the proper selections at the correct costs.

Reasons for WooCommerce There Are No Shipping Methods Available Error

This error might occur for a variety of reasons. The most prevalent explanations are as follows:

  • Products that do not have a weight or dimensions
  • There has been no addition of a shipping method to the shipping zone.
  • Issues with shipping carrier account setting
  • Service of shipping address is not available
  • The client provided an incorrect shipping address.

Now, we will guide you through some of the basic reason for the error to occur as well as their possible solutions.

How to Fix WooCommerce There Are No Shipping Methods Available

The problem that causes this difficulty is generally straightforward to discover and resolve. You first need to find whether all items and delivery addresses are mistaken. You can so readily determine if the issue is the settings of the product or the shipment.

No method of shipping for the shipping zone

WooCommerce will not display shipping procedures on the checkout page if the shipping address falls into a shipping area without shipping methods. Correct configuration of the shipping areas is one of the first things to do when you start WooCommerce e-commerce.

If you create shipping zone, you must:

  • Give the shipping area a name.
  • Select regions (continents/countries/state)
  • Add a Shipping zone mechanism

Suppose at least one shipping method is not added to one of the shipping zones. In that case, WooCommerce will show the buyer when choosing a delivery address inside this shipping zone the message “there are no shipping methods available.”


First, examine the shipping address for inaccuracy and determine the shipping area in which the address is being given. Then go to the shipping zone, open the shipping zone in question and make sure to add a shipping method to the shipment area.

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Navigate to WooCommerce >> Settings.
  • Now, choose shipping tabs.
How to Fix WooCommerce There Are No Shipping Methods Available

You may now access your previous shipping zones list.

  • Click on the Edit link to open the shipping area settings section.
How to Fix WooCommerce There Are No Shipping Methods Available 2021
  • Make sure that at least one method of shipment is added and enabled in the Shipping method option.
How to Fix WooCommerce There Are No Shipping Methods Available 2021

You can add multiple delivery methods and enable them if you like.

Shipping service not available for the address

Companies like the FedX shipping company offer various shipping services. In general, the majority of these services are limited to specific geographic regions and product types.

Thus, if you do not deliver goods into a specific area or beyond a particular limit of weight using the shipping service, the shipping procedure could lead to an error not available.


Check with the shipping company to ensure that the services you use include delivery service to the specific area.

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Sum Up

Soo many parts go to an e-commerce shop. It’s a lot to keep track of and usually it’s best to help you with somebody.

WooCommerce can be configured and adapted quickly. We have learned How to Fix WooCommerce There Are No Shipping Methods Available using the simple method.

Thus, we hope this detailed guide helped you to understand How to Fix WooCommerce There Are No Shipping Methods Available. And for the visitor who asked us to write an article on How to Use WooCommerce Add to Cart Shortcode. We have a dedicated article on this.

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